20 years with fundamental rights – The future of fundamental rights in Europe in the light of Covid-19

26. maj 2020

For 20 years the Charter of Fundamental rights has ensured Europeans fundamental rights as they are laid out in the 7 chapters of the Charter. From Equality (chap. 3) to Dignity (chap. 1) we have been able to draw on the institutional rights in our fight for a more just world. But in what would have been a jubilee of reflections on the Charter, Covid-19 has entered and altered the discussion in a fundamental way.

If anything, the conversation centering around our rights has only gotten even more relevant in a time where governments all over Europe are using the Covid-19 crisis to justify their attacks on our fundamental rights. Now more than ever we must continue and intensify our efforts to bring visibility to and debate our shared values as they are formulated in the rights of the Charter.
Nyt Europe together with our European partners in Connect Europe that represents a wide range of European civil society actors present a conference on the importance of the Charter of Fundamental rights today.

Together with MEP’s, experts, and civil society we will explore the relevant rights issues as highlighted by Covid-19. How do we ensure that the current health crisis does not become an institutional crisis of rights? How can we in international solidarity fight to protect our shared values and rights? We hope that you will partake in this conversation.

May 26th from 3-5 PM you will be able to partake via Zoom. The link for the event will be send to you on the day of the event.

Sign up here: https://nyteuropa.nemtilmeld.dk/127/
The program is as follows:

Part I: Introducing the Charter. The importance of our fundamental rights and why they should be re-actualized in the light of COVID –
Conversations with experts.

  • 15.00-15.20 Welcome and introduction to the project by Julie Rosenkilde
  • 15.20-15.30 UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR), Regional Representative for Europe, Birgit Van Hout
  • 15.30-15.40 Morten Kjærum, director Raoul Wallenberg Institute
  • 15.40-15.50 Questions/comments

Part II: What is going on in Europe? Looking back at 20 years of fundamental rights and towards the future of activism – Conversation with European activists.

• 15.50-15.55 Poland – Marta Lempart from Polish Womens Strike
• 15.55-16.00 Hungary – Veronika Mora from Civilizacio
• 16.00-16.05 Greece – Christos Lazaridis from the Forum of Refugees
• 16.05-16.10: Denmark – Emma Holten Danish activist from Oxfam Ibis
• 16.10-16.20 questions and comments

Part III:  How do we ensure that the current health crisis does not become an institutional crisis of rights? What is the political response? A discussion with member of Parliament.

  • 16.20-16.55 Dicussion with MEPS
  • Anna Donath, Hungary, Renew
  • Margrete Auken, European Greens, Denmark
  • Isabel Carvalhais S&D Portugal

Partner organizations: Netwerk Democratie, Platforma portuguesa para os direitos das mulheres, Active European Citizen Finland, Euroregion Baltic (ERB), Nyt Europa and European Civic Forum.

The event is Co-funded by the European Union and is created with support from Europa-Nævnet.